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Explore Toon Boom Harmony.

 Zoom call with me!


Peg and Drawings

The basic working method of how Harmony fundamentally works.

We’ll cover this sometimes confusing subject to make it clear and get you animating correctly and speedily.


Start as you mean to go on. Preferences can be very intimidating- particularly since there are so many of them. We’ll go through the best options for you, together.

Menus & Toolbars

There are so many buttons to push in Harmony that it can initially be quite overwhelming.

We'll go through the toolbars together so you'll know what tools you'll need and how you'll need them

Drawing Tools & Best Practice

There’s nothing worse than starting a project and getting really far, only to find that there were several things one could have done to make production more efficient and impressive.

We’ll cover many different ways you can draw in Harmony and which will be best practices for the sort of work you wish to make.

Keyframes, Exposures & Timing

The peg and drawing system allows for computer aided movement in so many different ways it’s important to know how you can own the system, rather than it owning you.

Together, we'll cover the bases.

Ask your own questions

Obviously they'll be a lot to cover, but the journey of learning is very personal, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like along the way