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it can seem confusing & abstract...

No flimsy razzle dazzle. The puppets you make should be impressive to use, easy to maintain during production and built to last.

puppets for the real world

...and at times, tiresome & overwhelming...

That's why I wrote this Toon Boom Rigging book!

learning Toon Boom Harmony Premium can be tricky...

Start from the ground up.

Quickly understand and set the best preferences and work practices so you don’t make a puppet that will go wrong and need extensive reworking further down the line

Learn the basics

Feeling stressed? Things not working out? This cat will remind you to relax and suggest other ways of tackling a problem

Bus Stop

This very nervous cat wants to keep every one of his nine lives! He lets you know when things might go wrong.


This cat knows his stuff and he knows that he knows it. It's best to just give in and follow his step by step guides

Bon Bon

This happy cat really wants you to be inspired and excited.

He'll help you with tips & encouragement


Meet The Cats!