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General Terms and Conditions

In addition to the Zoom Policy laid out below, general Terms and Conditions of this website must be agreed to when using this website and when purchasing a zoom call session. They are viewable here


Zoom Call sessions


Call Sessions with Oliver Putland engaged via Zoom or any other video based communication service and the information gathered within them, will always remain strictly confidential between Oliver Putland and the customer, and will not be disclosed without permission from both parties, unless abuse has taken place.


Verbal abuse, threats or misbehaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

Oliver Putland reserves the right to terminate a call for any reason without financial compensation.

If abuse has taken place during a zoom call, the recorded call in this instance will be stored and can be used as evidence in a court of law.


Zoom call session recording storage


At this time, some session recordings may be kept in encrypted local storage by Oliver Putland on Hard Disk at his place of business, Bristol, England.

If you wish for the deletion of the recording of your session, please contact him here


Zoom call recording use

Recorded calls are strictly for educational purposes only and are encouraged to be kept for personal use by the customer for later review.

The audio-video file, content and transcript of any zoom recording made through the booking system of this website is NOT the customer’s property.

The recording sessions are to be stored by both Oliver Putland and the customer and no one else without written consent from Oliver Putland and the customer.

Any attempt to broadcast, share or distribute any part of the footage in any form anywhere using any media such as, but not limited to: online, print or traditional media is strictly forbidden, without written consent from Oliver Putland.

Oliver Putland accepts no liability from situations of copyright infringement that may arise from a session’s recording.


Oliver Putland does not, repeat DOES NOT steal any ideas, concepts, artwork or anything else from any individual or company.

If you are concerned for whatever reason, please do not show him your own artwork at any time, and allow him teach and to show you concepts using his own work only.

By showing Oliver Putland your own artwork, you accept that any work he and his company makes hereafter, including but not limited to character designs, concepts, rigs, stories, shows, paintings, drawings, animated films and writings will have been created in good faith, and as such have no connections whatsoever with any creations by any third parties such as the customers of this website.

Non disclosure agreements


Non Disclosure agreements (NDA’s) are highly recommended when engaging in communications between Oliver Putland and a customer who wants to show their creations to him via a form of visual communication such as Zoom or Discord.

These must be signed by both parties prior to the exchange of visual information.

Please send a link to the NDA file via the booking form when prompted, or later here 


Privacy Policy of Zoom

The privacy policies of Zoom itself are totally separate to the policies of this website, and as such we have no power over them and accept no liability regarding the policies of zoom or any other external websites.

Their policies can be viewed here.

Zoom Calls policy
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