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How to Zoom!

While you're actually in a zoom call with me...

In order to actually use Zoom, you need to download and install the 'Zoom client'.

Click the button link to the official download page. 

Step 1

When the Client is installed and first run, it will assume you have a Zoom account or you want to create one. You don’t need to.

If this window appears, you can close it if you wish- it’s not necessary.

Step 2

When you book a Zoom call with me, an email with all the details is sent to you automatically.

Open your email a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled and click 'Join Meeting'

Step 3

The microphone icon must appear with the word 'Mute' so I can hear you.

Confusing, I know.

live mic

Make sure ToonBoom Harmony is running

In Zoom, press Share Screen.​

Share Screen

Several options will appear as shown.

Select the Harmony window so I only see the Harmony window, and nothing else

Go to Settings/ Security & Privacy, Privacy Tab

On the Left panel, select 'Screen Recording'


Unlock the preferences panel by pressing the Lock and entering your computer's password.

Step 1

Make sure '' is ticked.

Step 2

Mac Screen Sharing

while zooming

you need to have several things set up before we can zoom
If you have a mac, In order to share your screen via Zoom...

If you click the 'Join Meeting' link in your email too early, you'll get a message similar to this.

Step 4

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